Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Winner Is...

Congratulation's ..Marie...Rayceriver.blogspot.com
You are going to look "GLAM'N" Girl....in this tank tee.
Also I just want to thank all the rest of you Glam gal's for stopping by and saying something Sweet...Their will be more Giveaway's soon.....
All the New tank's & my other Tee's are available to purchase..
Just send me over an e-mail & I will send you back a Pay Pal invoice. Just click on "Boutique" picture to view.
"Junk Love"
Tank Tee...True to size, Longer in length, pre-washed.
Treat Yourselves!!


Marie said...

YEAH!!! YES!!! AWESOME!!!(jumping up and down!!) I NEVER WIN ANYTHING, really!! I can't wait to wear this ROCKIN' TANK!!!
Your the best!

ramsam said...

Awww! how cute. Yea Marie! I know where you live so I can knock you out and steal it.

sparkled*life said...

That is such a cute top!!