Thursday, July 30, 2009


The way Camping use to be.....
( Unknown....Vintage Photo)

The early Days with my the family....

My Mom & Dad....My Dad the Spacecraft Engine....My Glamarella Mom....My 2 Brothers, and my sister Ruthann,

many of you know her.....she has such a "Heart for Home"..stop by her site you will be inspired!.... Then theirs me the Baby...

I remember the days when my family would take trips up to No. Ca. we would stop along the way to our favorite beach spots up the coast of Califonia.

We would all pack in the station wagon with my brothers surfboards on top.

"Shabby Chic Tent"

My Glamarella girl 'Sophia"
Had to stick her in...soon to 7

A little Elegance for outdoors

I know.......But you can always DREAM!!!

I could live here.....


Enjoy your Summer!


Maison Douce said...

Wow, lovely ideas...!!! What a wonderful way to go camping..!! Love the pictures of your family camping!

Anonymous said...

Now that is my kind of camping! What a lovely blog you have, very beautiful.

junkgarden said...

Oh, camping has never been so glamorous!

sweetpea said...

Those are my ideas of "roughing it" girlfriend!


Roberta said...

Lovely pics! So glad I found you. My idea of camping!
xo Roberta