Friday, August 21, 2009

"Southern Soul"

All you "Soul Sista"s ..A little bit of that Southern Stuff!
I know I have that "Texas Wanna-Be" in me, especially towards the season of Fall.
Put on my Jeans, Vintage Tee, my Boots and some Funky Junk'n Jewels!
Here are some New One Of A Kind just added..

"Touch Of Soul"...Add more charms too.
$42.00 SOLD

"Junk'n Jeweled Crown"
Rustic Crown is Large, vintage rhinestones.

" Cowgirls"....True Friends

"Horseshoe Glam"
Fab cowgirl chic charm necklace, large vintage charm with vintage horseshoe rhinestones

"Southern Soul"
"Roxie Gal" image with rustic vintage cross, tarnished beads with turquoise.

"True Blue Cowgirl"
Tarnish beads, turquoise, cream stones.

If any of you are interested in these One Of A Kind
"Junk'n Jewels"
Please e-mail me


Lissa said...

I like your style girl!

The Queen Of Re said...

I hear ya....I think I am a Texas Gypsy junkn' girl at heart.

Kimberly said...

I love it. I am a Texas girl! There are many Deep South divas out there that will get you for considering Texas Southern!! I on the other hand have always considered my home state very Southern!
xxx kim

Lora said...

This Texas girl loves your jewels! :O)

My Vintage Treasures said...

LUV your new items!!! You make the greatest necklaces :)

Anonymous said...

do you offer any of your T's with long sleeves? if so, what designs? thanks.

Jenny Doh said...

Love all the style you continue to put out there to share with everyone. I do hope to see you soon!
Jenny :)