Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gypsy-ville Event!

What a WEEK!!!!
Me, Joy Mary & Lori

It was FABULOUS Event in San Diego....Lori the owner from Vignettes knows how to throw a PARTEE!!!
A few of us Gals were invited to share in this Fabulous Event...
Joy..Mary..& I
Brought our Trunk full of Junk!!!!

A couple of my Jewels are still left.....

Vintage Jewel Belt Buckle

The Gypsy Girls!

I was able to take a few photos before the place was packed!
Joy...The Vintage Rabbit

Mary...Sweetpeas And Snapshots

Here are the "Vignettes" of The French Gypsy Event!

My Vintage Slips...

Whitney...( Linda's daughter...La Maison Rustique) one of our Models
We had the models mingle through the event wearing my Vintage Slips
Jewels from us Gals....

This was the entrance to Vignettes

Look at these whimsical
Gypsy Displays


Let me catch my Breath...Chat soon!


Rita said...

Everything looked incredible! Good job ladies. Have a great week. Ciao

Melissa @ Huckleberry Prairie said...

This looked like so much fun... such CUTE displays! :)

Angie said...

What a great idea using models to walk around in the slips! Glad to hear it was so much fun and a success! ;)

the Vintage Rabbit said...

So much fun!!! Thanks for being my co hort in crime!! Love ya Sista!!!

Phoenix or bust!!! Yee Haw!!!!!!!

love ya,

Wizard of Was said...

Looks like a huge success! congradulations for and amazing looking show! Good luck in Phoeniz!
My Best

P.S. I posted your link on my blog :)

Keri Pettit said...

Oh, Yeah! It was Glam, it was FAB, it was Tres Chic! So glad I was able to make it to the event! Loved it alllllll

domestic bliss said...

I am sick to my stomach looking at these pictures that I missed this. It looks soooo amazing! LOVE it. You all did a phenomenal job. Can't wait until you are out our way!!! YAY for us.

Stella & Sugar said...

Those colors are fab! So rich! I like your blog layout too.

Maija said...

I'm so sad I wasn't able to be there to support my peeps!
I'm excited that you and Joy will be staying with me for the Bliss event in November!

Anonymous said...

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