Thursday, October 29, 2009

Passion For VINTAGE!!

Over this Past weekend I was able to surround myself with Friends that have that same Passion for Vintage that I have.
My First Stop was on the Coast of Cardiff San Diego Ca....( SD is my native Home)
You can't miss this home....PINK BABY PINK!!!!!
Over looking the West Coast...
My friend Jeanie which I met recently through other friends of mine...
What a Fabulous & Glamorous Glam Gal!
Not only is she Passionate about her love for Great Vintage Finds....She has such a heart for her dear friends and especially for her love of taking in abandoned pets....
Which I have much admiration for......and in common with too.
Several of us in the bizz or..... the Love for the HUNT???? What ever we are...
Hung out and had such fun at the Best Vintage Yard Sale in San Diego Ca.
I was able to take a few photos of her home.

Many of her pieces are from France ......San Francisco
Extreme Vintage!!!
She always changes things around...sells some.... buys some more
What is with us???
I thought for awhile it was just me??
Never a Dull moment...Right??
As you can see her...Shabby...French..and plenty of

A few of my Displays over the Weekend
Designing some White Linen Pillows
Fresh Linen!!


One of my New Choker Necklaces
Vintage Jeweled collar with a Vintage Broach added.

Jeannie's Home again..

Crown necklace..$68.00

My Vintage Loungewear!
Pants & Top
Rustic & Chic!!
Cross Necklace $68.00


My Vintage Treasures said...

What a Tres Chic PINK Home!!! You are a lucky lady to such a great friend, especially one that shares your same interests!!! And your jewelry amazing as always. I love wearing your pieces!!!

Maija said...

I can't wait to see you this weekend! I'm dying to get one of your vintage couture loungey pants and tee!

Wizard of Was said...

Great pics of Jeannie's house...Isn't it just the best! Good luck this week-end...Wish we were going...maybe next year!
My Best