Friday, November 20, 2009

Romantic & Shabby Chic...Couture!

Lovely...Inspired....New beginnings!!
I had the opportunity to meet The One and Only!!!
Rachel Ashwell...Shabby Chic ...Couture!
She is sooo Sweet...what a Cool Chick!
We were able to chat a bit while I was getting my book signed by her.
Love her New Inspired style to "Simplify" her business.
Their is so much "Vintage Soul" in the way she creates.. like no other designer.

Sophia my daughter...The decorator herself...already gets it!!!
"This is Shabby Chic..right Mom?"

I was so excited about having the oppurtunity to Style a "Mock Wedding" Photo Shoot.
here are a couple behind Photos I took as well as the
Photographer..Tracy Dee...that organized the Shoot and told me her vision.
"Vintage .. Out In The...Country Wedding"

The Bridesmaids wore my Vintage Slips for their dresses.

All the props were Vintage....

Tracy' daughter Morgan and mine Sophia in their Vintage Slips.

Love'n It!!
Chat Soon


A Sort Of Fairy Tale said...

very jealous you got to meet Rachel Ashwell! i was hoping she would come to Chicago to do a book signing, but doesn't look like that is going to happen thus far.... so sad.

Alison Gibbs said...

Lucky you to meet Rachel Ashwell. I wish she would open up a store here in Australia.
Your 'mock wedding' photos are fabulous

janae said...

WOW! What great looking wedding! The slips and botts were a FAB idea! Brides dress was GORGEOUS too! Thanks for sharing!