Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm really excited to share with you my extension to
Glamarella Junk
I have worked as a stylist for several years,
I've had a passion for decorating as long as I remember.... YEAR'S ago
when I moved in my first apartment....The day I moved in... I would of already have had my hammer & nails out ready to hang something Dear Friend still to this day.. gives me a hard time when I use to
re-arrange our furniture every other week....I gotta CHANGE THINGS UP!!!
I have had some great opportunities come my way the past few years.
Im currently a stylist at La Maison Rustique each month we have these Fab. Barn Sales in Temecula Wine Country every month the Barn is restyled and new vintage pieces brought in to display with...HOW FUN IS THAT!!!!!
I have had the privileged to meet so many wonderful people that I have met through Blogging.
It is amazing how we connect. Sharing with each other our thoughts , passion & inspiration.
Friends Net-Working Together!
SO... I thought with a few doors opening my direction I would extend
my designs...Slips, Tee's, Jewels
to be available for Styling...Fashion, Vignettes, Staging, photo shoots & small intimate gatherings.
Adding a
"Modern Vintage Twist"
I'm in the process of styling something so COOL...I can't tell you yet....I know...I Know
But Soon! Wish me Luck!!
Check out my
GLAM where I will show you often what I have been styling.
Chat SOON!!!!


icandy... said...

As usual...
Happy new year, sweet!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ms Sherry,

Looking forward to seeing you in Temecula, for the Barn sale in February. I love the items I've purchased from you and it's nice to come feel the company and friendship with you, Linda, and all the nice people who come out to visit. Have a fun time on your journey in hunting for your treasures, while you visit with Mary.


Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love your styling, Sherry!

Lori said...

Oh My Dear Sherry,
This looks like the most yummy eye candy that I've ever seen!
Really, it looks like a Paris runway photo shoot! You CAN really do it all girl!!
There's NO stopping you & it's so well deserved to a most amazingly creative & talented friend.
I can't wait to see what you unveil next!
Here's to you!!
Lori @ Vignettes