Sunday, January 31, 2010

Styling & Staging.....

Starting Tomorrow I will be Styling & Staging outdoors..very simular to the photos I have posted here...I have a few things going on and I will fill you in SOON!
I'm most fond of the natural elements that is used in
Home Decor. Neutral tones mixed with the purity of white.

Love this old French sofa...a couple of pillows.... So Serene.

Also later this week ...I will be working in the Barn for our Sale!!
La Maison Rustique
Extra Vendors will be joining us!
Hope you can come!
Chat Soon!


Mikal said...

Oh my beautiful! You could stage in my backyard if you need to...

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,

Weather Man says we have another rain storm on the way. Still think you will having your event? Date change? Looking forward to all the new goodies you have in store.


Gail Mc. said...

I share your style and taste! I live in a little granny kind of house in a town here in AZ. We recently added a new kitchen and when it came to countertops, I really wanted white marbley looking quartz. Unfortunately, our bull of a contractor was really pushing granite. His "guy" came up from Phx. with only 5 or 6 teeny samples. I was stuck with a very warm granite that looks like melanoma, and though I am very grateful for the granite, it forced me to change the decor to something that is not really "me". I did manage to get a bit of "me" by having white subway tile put on as backsplash, and white painted wood frames the windows and doors. Walls are all "Weathered Oak" (Glidden) and I do love that. It's just that dang granite that throws me off! We stained our own naked oak cabinets with Minwax Red Chestnut and have great nobs and pulls to put on yet. I adore Anthropologie! My dream kitchen would be totally Anthropologie! Anyway, I look forward to someday getting over to CA with plenty of time to visit the vintage shops. Being surrounded by that certain look makes me so very happy! Thanks for inspiring me!!!

Pandora said...

Ooohh - love that! Can't wait to see the pics of what you style! Love your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

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Emilie M. Paper's said...

wowowowoow love the styling in the pictures gets my heart going love the natural tones...Em