Monday, February 8, 2010


For the "LOVE" of Vintage Flowers!!
vintage necklace-$65.00
Flowers have been such a "Style" statement in fashion.
I love collecting them & giving them a Modern Twist.
If you know me... The Bigger the Better!!
Sometimes you want the accessories to make the Statement for your outfit.
My Mother still has a drawer filled of 1950-1960's of fashion jewels..She loves when I ask her if I can borrow her Fabulous jewels....But make sure I bring them back...HaHa
You know it's that generation where they still hold on to all those goodies.... She always tells My Sis & I that... "One Of These day's we are going to have to go through it ALL"...Okay MOM...xox

One Of My Slips...(sold)

vintage necklace-$60.00

vintage necklace-$60.00

Vintage necklace-(SOLD)

French Seed Bag LONG pillows-$98.00
Millinery Flower -French Silk Ribbon
One Of a Kind

Vintage French Seed Bag Long Pillow- $98.00
Vintage Millinery Flower- French Silk Ribbon
One Of A Kind

Sweet Millinery Flowers add them to your Pillows!!!
Any Of the Items you see for Sale.... please e-mail me for details....
Paypal Available


Maija said...

Those necklaces rock- I can see Scrappy Jessi wearing one with the big flowers!!

sweetpea said...

oh so pretty Sherry. love the pillows.



julie said...

OMG I love your creations. It is always a delight to visit you. I am going straight to your etsy shoppe and order a T-shirt. I have wanted one for to long...julie said...

Awesome post, great eye candy. I have so many of those great 50's flower pins, used to pick them up at Goodwill for $1. Love what you did with them. The pillows are TDF & that handbag, coowel. Lisa

The Gypsy Daily said...

Absolutely LOVE your blog! So cute! We met at the LA gift show, and you inspired me to start my own. Very DIY for now, but growing daily. Follow me!! xoxo


Cynthia w/ Gypsy Junkies