Monday, April 19, 2010

Fabulous Events!!! Mark your Calendar!!

First on the list....
What we love...Is our cool Hip.. Fab ..Vintage Industrial Garage
is open weekly..Wed through Sat 10-5
But we still will have our once a month '\"Flea Market Event"
where we have extra vendors displaying their goodies.
It is this weekend
March 23 & 24

industrial....vintage glam...architectural pieces...french
vintage home decor...rustic garden...whimsical gifts and so much more!
April 30 and May 1
3534 Dove Hollow Rd
Olivenhain Ca. 92024

Check out...Gail's Blog...
Oh My...Beautiful Surroundings.....
I will be there...with the gals from the Urban Barn
Bringing our "Le Junk"

Fun & Fabulous things to do!!!
Hope to see then!


Prudence said...

If only I lived in California!

sweetpea said...

sounds wonderful. I so wish I could come.



Bru Blossom said...

I really need to check this place out next time I'm in southern Cali

Jeanneoli said...

These photos are incredible!!!

Maija said...

First, I can't wait to get to your new space!!!!!! I promise you this will be the year!
Second- your post says this weekend March, rather than April. People will figure it out I'm sure so no big deal...
I LOVE my tee shirt. You are so right about the fuller size, but I am happy with the one I got!