Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flowers are Blooming!!

Love adding some Girlie-ness Style to any outfit!

Lace, Ruffles and don't forget to have a little bit of ...
That is where the Vintage Modern Look is all about!

Inspired by my colors tones this season
Soft...Muted & Faded

Flower everything!
Bigger The Better!!

Here are a several of my
Millinery Flowers
Hair & Pin''s and Necklaces Too.

Vintage Rhinestones & Tattered Lace

Delicate & recontructed

Flower Jewels!
One Of a kind
Soon to listed on Etsy... or in info please contact me

Don't forget to Water your Flowers!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous Sherry, I think I need some of those flowers for my go with my cowgirl boots, oh yeah I bought some!! :)

PW at Inspired Vintage Style said...

Your flower's look so real, I can almost smell them! We all need these!

The Vintage Housewife... said...

hey sherri girl...yes yes yes on the shirts...i didn't know if you got my email...i want any you have for me...i hope they are the larger fitting ones you had done...they fit the best...anywho send me an invoice...also congrats ladies...i can't wait to get out there...i am so excited for you very excited blessings my dear...oh and i lost my enamal pink flower necklace! dev-a-stated yes! if you ever creat another...on that silver ball chain...give me a hollar!!!! we are so busy...miss baby chick is graduatin' goin off to college and turnin' 18...yes i am a bunch of tears thats for sure...honey kisses to ya doll! Cat

icandy... said...

breathtaking post, sweets!

mimi charmante said...

*LOVING* your blog and your gorgeous flowers!