Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Come along for the RIDE!!!

This Glamarella Girl is going Places....and you are welcome to ride with me!
In my last post I said that I have some
"Fresh Ideas"
Working on some Fabulous Plans and a New Location!
I soon will share with you the details.....But for now...
Jump in and I will show you a good time..LOL!!!
CURRENTLY.....All "Glamarella Junk" Stuff is only sold on my
Blog Or Etsy Shop
My Vintage Couture Hand-Dyed Slips
Hand-Dyed Flower Jewels
Tee Shirts
Now Available On SALE! Silver Smoky Vintage Slip size 34
Reg. $65.00

Large Flower PIN Jewel....Blush Pink..Tattered lace..pink rhinestone
$ 32.00

Large Hair (sturdy Bobbi Pin) Jewel...Pink..vintage rhinestone clusters

Faded Blush pink Flower necklace..vintage tarnish rhinestones clipped on tarnished silver beads.

Faded Rose color Flower Jewel necklace with clear rhinestones

Large Faded Lavender/Taupe Necklace Vintage rhinestones, tarnish silver beads

Each of these flowers have small clips where you can attach to any type of necklace.
All are one of a kind!

Creamy White Flower jewel on tarnish silver beads.

Creamy White flower jewel #2...Tarnished silver beads.

Creamy white flower jewel necklace #3


Cocoa Brown- size 34

Apricot/taupe -size 36

Faded denim-size 34

Mocha-Size 36

Lemon /Chartruce yellow..Size-34

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these items
Paypal Available!

Come on... jump in!!!!

Sherry.....Glamarella Junk!


jen said...

I love your work!!

Personally change is really hard for me...one time a total stranger said to me "you can never grow without change"

They were soooo right !

Looking forward to seeing what's next for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry!!! I just LOVE the flowers, they are ADORABLE. I saw a little something like this at the Spring show here in Texas, but yours have so much more details on them.
Anyway, a woman was wearing them on a pair of cuffed blue jean capries, with a pair of boot! It was the CUTEST THING!