Monday, August 9, 2010

New & Exciting!

I have been Honored to be featured along with some Amazing Artists many of them I know and inspired by.
Now available!

Here is also some of my behind the scenes photos...
Photo shoot over this past weekend.
We had so much fun...Can't wait to see what the amazing Photographer Tracy Dee captured behind her lens.
Sandra Finn & I work together
Styling & Staging
Photo Shoots with a
"Vintage Twist"
We provide all the props for any staged event. We also incorporated "Our Vintage Trailer" in this shoot.
Professional models...Justine & David were hired for the
"Glamping" Photo shoot.
So nice to work with these two. They were such naturals & most of all appreciated being part of this......Future magazine feature? Hold On.... That will be another post....

Fabulous Setting!
'Justine" our model wore one of my
Fall Season Hand-dyed Vintage Slip & Flower Jewel.
Gorgeous Girl!!!

Here is a couple of the vignettes we staged.
I will share soon on my Glam Garage Blog more of the details & photos.

Also I will annoucing the winner tomorrow...
for the ....
"Flower Necklace"
You still can sign up to possibly win!
Check out the post before this one.
Chat Soon.. Sherry


sandra said...

Hey Girl, I had so much fun!!! You are a true Artist and I am honored to call you my friend!!! Can't wait for our next adventure...

Whimsy and Wanderlust said...

Looks like the final product will be great! I saw a peek of the vintage trailer that you ladies bought from Linda at Urban Barn...Im sure that really made the shoot fabulous! Her husband and her put so much work and creativity into making it such a gorgeous vintage trailer that Im sure they will be pleased to see you using it in your styling. May your adventures continue......Jennifer

Glamarella Junk said...

Haaa...Yea.. I guess she really wasn't intereseted in it that's why she sold it....Poor little vintage trailer..oh well....but it is now decorated so darling...seriously needed some TLC! It's sooo different then what it was. It's just a trailer until someone makes it their own!