Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Glamarella Girl's Grateful!

This is one of the necklaces with one of my hand-dyed Vintage Slips from a
Glamarella Photo Shoot


What a "Year" for some exposure in some of the most Amazing Creative Magazines.

I'm truly grateful that I can share what I LOVE to do with all of my blog friends & followers of Glamarella Junk.

My house is a little upside down on working on some new projects to share with you next month sometime.....

Stay close by.

Available in October is

Which Glamarella Junk is again featured.

Thanks so much Stampington!

This is a peek of what you will see.

My Vintage Beaded Collar Necklaces.
Details in the magazine.
Remember to check my side-bar for up-coming events!

Ciao Sherry


chateau de fleurs said...

Gorgeous Sherry! and congratulations once again, Christie

Curtains In My Tree said...

I am in love with that beaded collar.

How clever.I will be checking out the new magazine


Diana said...

Congratulations! Your beaded collar necklaces are so romantic and stunning. Wishing you a successful weekend at your show.

www.curioussofa.com said...

YOU WIN!! I have never seen anyone make necklaces out of those beaded collars. Excellent idea and done just right.