Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Glamarella...Fabulous & Classic!

I love that Classic Black when It comes
 to fashion!
I tend to always be drawn to the color when looking for something to wear...
It has such a richness to it it, especially
 when accessorized with Bling!!!
You can wear it through out the season's, it is more of a 'slimming"color.. we all like that..haha
I love bring out more of that smoky
eye dark liners,
light or dark lips!
This color blends so well
with any other color,
white, cream, grey & bright hues too!

 Glamarella Junk's...Summer White Tanks $28.00
Dark Shimmer charcoal
"Wanderlust Gypsy"
E-mail me if interested

Love accessorizing with Silvers & Golds....This necklace is Fabulous with
 French Black Silk ribbon to tie.

 Fab dress!! Love the one shoulder
 look this is a hot trend!
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tonya said...

Ooh, love these looks :)

Lori said...

A big Merci Beaucoup to you Miss Glam for your FABULOUS merchandise at the Flea Market on Saturday.
Your staging of it all is so beautiful & we all watched the gals buying your signature items up!
Between YOU & Sandra's 'Petite Caravan' - we had it ALL!!!!
Here's to many, many more fun times together.

self hypnosis benefits said...

Simply stunning!

bikim said...

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
lovely your photos!
happy weekend,