Monday, July 11, 2011

Glamarella Photo Shoot..Fab, Funky,Chic & HIP!!!!

CAN I TELL YOU!!!!! HOW much
 fun this was & what a fab team to work with!
Tracy Dee Photography my
 sweet friend  & Fab photographer!
Models, Rylee, Hawlie,
 Nicole & Ashlee, & the crew.
Glamarella Couture & Staging!
I wanted to show you in that
 their are so many ways to pull
 off that Glamarella LOOK
 with my vintage hand-dyed
 slips & jewels. I have sold
several of the vintage slips
 that I hand-dye & I get the questions...
"How do I wear this"? It once was a
 worn under a dress, tucked
 away in a lingerie drawer.
Now bringing this Fabulous
lacy perfect "Slip Dress" back.
.. in a Modern Way with a
Vintage Twist!
This is offered in small to
 plus sizes....
A Romantic Prairie Girl look
with a touch of edgy-ness.

The Jewels are added with
other funky accessories, or your
fav denim jeans, leggings,
boho crocet vests or shrugs,
or just a string of pearls & your slip!

We had such fun with some
of the "Warrior Princess"
look with feathers, being such
 the trend, hand-made
feather headdress & Glamarella
 soft leather chokers.

Glamarella Hand-dyed vintage
 camis with worn jeans, layers of
 Glamarella Jewels & "Truth" bracelets

 Glamarella Romantic Chic a
 touch of vintage accessories
added with a Glamarella 1950's
hand-dyed silk romper,
 jeweled flower headband....
Doesn't get any better then this....LOL

LAYERS of Tourqoise "TRUTH"
 bracelets & necklaces.
.I'm all about
making a Statement!

Then their is the Classic GLAM
Plenty of SPARKLE!

Most of these accessories are available to purchase..
.E-mail me if interested

Glamarella Boho chokers $52.00 

Glam layered Tourqoise necklace
 with Modonna pendant

Fab jeweled flower choker or you
 can also use it as a headband silk ribbon tie.

 Flower jewels added vintage jewels Fab for anything!!!! Clip on!

"Truth" bracelets

 Fab fringe & layered necklaces!!!!
ALL available... $75.00 ea.
Hope you enjoyed this!!!!

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Pamela said...

Hi, just discovered you blog today and love it! Thanks for the effort you put into giving us so much wonderful eye candy and inspiration....