Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Always Classic!!!

Modern Style with a Vintage Twist

That is what Glamarella Junk is all about

Gathering these Beautiful Vintage pieces from everywhere & recreating them into

Modern Fashion Styles
I love the fact that not only are they Vintage but they are
One Of a kind!

They are Ultra Feminine & romantic, but can be mixed with a Fab leather jacket, denim jeans & cowboy boot's.

 Ralph Lauren

Glamarella Junk Couture Slips!

They are flattering on any figure...their designed to be the
Perfect fit!

Modeling for Glamarella Junk

1 comment:

Bohemian said...

Loving the Glamarella Slip... it's Fashion like this that gets me into the Gym every day to get my girlish figure back! *winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian