Sunday, October 30, 2011

Glamarella Happenings!!!

 The Holidays are just around the corner.
This Glam Gal have been busy working on some Creative Designs..
 Showing off my
Vintage Crystal Chandelier Jewels
 Gathering several crystals everywhere & creating some Fab Jewels to dress in for some fab parties ahead!
My days have been filled with completeing orders, booking some Fun Filled Tunk Shows.

December is such a Glam month for some Fabulous events which I have been asked to be part of.
Glamarella Junk will be part of
Dec. 2nd & 3rd

@ the the "Oaks"
4815 5th St.
Rainbow, Ca. 92028

I will be among some creative vendors
so mark your calendars for this Vintage Inspired event!
Come by....More details soon!

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