Monday, June 15, 2009

More WHITE!!!

Here are some photos of My make-over part you will see I'm not finished...But I'm impatient when it comes to decorating, so I do along the way.....
Tarnished Tray with white sand and plenty of Shells

New White Slip covers made for Over-sized Chairs
Cushions are not yet finished...but they will look great when done.

Old Rusty Vintage Chandelier
still adding Chrystal's

Walls unfinished....More Paint!!!
Changing the wall color from Cocoa Browns & taupe's to a Creamy Milk White I need more paint then I thought.

This time of the Year I love bringing out my Old Shells..pick up some white sand, add a white candle. I added some old French book pages and wrapped them around the candles, stamped them then tied a natural color ribbon around the top.
More soon......


bj said...

OMGosh..this is looking amazing.
I have mostly creamy white walls, too. Seems everyone is going back to the 'em
Have you visited Sarah at A Beach Cottage? She has some awesome whites, too...

Rita said...

Hey Sherry,
I like it very much, your place looks great! Bellissimo

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love what you're doing, Sherry!

Carol Ann said...

So beautiful, enjoyed that very much
Carol Ann

patinaWHITE said...

ooohs & aaahs sherry! your "white on" decorating is right up my alley! if you have a sec take a peek at my show & tell...i have been showcasing a "corner" of my world every wednesday! have a great one!


Care said...

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