Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boutiquing !

Glamarella Junk
Loves Chic Boutiques!
This is an open invitation to all
"Vintage Inspired"
Boutiques & Shops that would be interested in my Vintage Slips...Tee's... & Jewels.
More details please e-mail me
Glamarella Junk soon will have a Web-Site.....

Girly & Glamorous!


Rita said...

Ciao Sherry, I took the boys to Barnes& Noble and there you were, the magazine and every photo looks great. I was looking around, I wanted to say ,oh oh I know the lady in this magazine. Just few guys on their cell. Congratulations! Ciao

JaimeNicole said...

If I had a shop I'd be calling you

: )

glimpse of my world said...

Cute stuff.. have you ever heard of the Junk Gypsies in Texas? Very similar - I love it all!