Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's New ???

Classic & Chic!
So thrilled to be featured in "Stampingtons" new magazine
"Jewelry Affaire"
Coming out next month
Beth the editor of "Jewery Affaire" did an amazing job putting this baby together!
Bravo to you Beth!
Flea Market Style this Friday & Saturday
I will be there along with many other creative designers....It is so funny because we all end up buying from each other. The "Le JUNK" is French & Fabulous!!
Click on The Pink House for directions & time

My friend Jenny Doh has her new site up


She is an amazing Gal..... With so much insight how "ART" plays such a big part in so many peoples lives.
Jenny you are Classic & Chic!

Thanks for stopping by...
Chat Soon!


Sherry said...

The magazine looks great...can't wait to sample it. And I love the photo of the mirror and chandelier!! mmmmm

Rita said...

Congratulation on the Jewerly Affaire, I can't wait to get a copy. Makes you want to create more. Ciao Rita

sweetpea said...

congrats Sherry! I'll be saying "I knew her when" soon.



Beth said...

Thanks for your support during the entire "AFFAIRE." See you Friday.


Maija said...

I''ll be at Jenny's event- see you there!?