Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flea Market FUN!!!

A Time To Gather and have some FUN!!!
Oh.... and maybe shop a little...YEAH.. each others
Seriously though... it is that time to share with each other the "Latest" on decorating creations or " you know their is a new amazing dealer in town ?" Or another event is just around corner....Share all the details.....
Net-Work Gals!!!
I know....their is some of that "Negative energy" that seems to appear at times when you get a group together.....
Keep your Creative thoughts Possitive & PURE.....Let your Own Passion speak through your Designs!

Here are a of my few Flea market finds....

Love my chairs....Thanks Sandra!!!

Here is a few Photos from
"The Pink House"
Look at all her Fun Vintage!!!

this is in front of her home...

here is some of the displays this past Friday...

Darling Chair!!!
Tea Stained Glory!!

Jeannies home (The Pink House)
Her Love of Animals!!!

Fabulous French Living!!!
Chat Soon


My Vintage Treasures said...

Way to encourage everyone!!!
Stay positive and creative :)

Sherry said...

Fabulous inspiration here!

Rita said...

Looks like so much goodness! I love the first pic. Ciao Rita

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the positive encouragement!! It is so needed!!!


sandra said...

I love how the chairs look in your house! Thanks for all your support and encouragement.

Rosemary said...

It's all amazing!!
Thanks for sharing it with us.
I always get inspired seeing flea market finds.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your words of wisdom. Love the pics of our Pink House was so much fun! Will be following your blog...and added you to my blog under "kindred spirits".