Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Barn Chic!

Mooooove on over summer this Glamarella Gal is changing it up a bit for the
Fall Season
The kids are back in school so this is my time to clutter free ( haha) the home & bring in some more rustic decor items to give the feeling of Autumn.
As the weather cools off a bit I love to bring in some yummy candles, plenty of willow branches & natural elements from the outdoors.
Here is a Vintage Pony Saddle I recently brought into my home, it is great piece of Art to me...I love the rustic style..Very Ralph Lauren! ha

This is a velvet couch....that was a light powdered blue....I decided to dye it...Yep.. I know I can always have it redone, but I thought what the heck!...I'm still working on it... and will show you in another post.

The color I used was Taupe from Ritz Dye

New Fall hand-dyed Flowers!


Faded Lilac-$32.00

I made some more...The last ones sold out
Vintage French Pig Print Collages!
$32.00 on Etsy
10x10 Canvas/Wood

This is what I have in my kitchen/ family area in my home,
I love grouping up old frames & windows.
Taupe walls...white chippy bead board cabinet...hiding all my supplies.
Little look of rustic...when you walk through my doors...

Old French barn door...Pink-ish/Apricot tones

Vintage French Cow print Collage
$32.00- GlamarellaEtsy.com
10x10 canvas/wood
Love this chair...My friend Sandra did this...

The Wild West....IN FASHION!!!!!

Soldered necklace- cowgirls
$42.00- 2x3"
Love the Urban Cowgirl look!!!

"Jesse" $38.00..
Love this vintage cowgirl...tyed up cotton shirt, pouty lips
Soldered crystal
Vintage Cowgirl Necklaces!
" Maddie" $38.00
Vintage cowgirl...early sixties...sleek cover girl look.
soldered crystal

Fashioning the Prairie Girl!
Sweet flirty peasant tops..

From dresses to cut-offs!
Mix it up!!

Now that's what I call
Cowgirl Chic!


Bohemian said...

I love that chair your Friend made for you!!! The Taupe vignette with Frames is so beautiful, great Fall colors. I too am trying to edit my possessions now that we're having some cooler days and I won't spontaneously combust trying to do it! *wink*

Dawn... The Bohemian


you home looks lovely Sherry. I love your dyed couch what a great idea.

Maison Douce said...

Wow, great, great stuff!!! My goodness, I can't believe how you dyed the velvet sofa, how cool! And I love your collages...

Glamarella Junk said...

Thanks Gal's....Just stopped by Your blogs....LOVE Them too!!!!
XO Sherry

JunkySouthernGurl2 said...

Sherry, love the frames! Looks great...so does everything else I've seen from you!