Friday, December 10, 2010

A Magical Christmas Party!

Oh My Goodness!!!!
We celebrated our "Christmas in PARIS" party over at Vignettes where Sandra and I had a blast decorating & displaying in the front window of the store.
Just a magical time & place to be here at Vignettes with truly wonderful ladies and friends that have so much in common. Passionate about sharing what we love to do and embracing each other with positive support as Artist's should do!
LOOK at these Fabulous Dresses!!!
Karen Lampard is one of the artist here at Vignettes...this Gal Rocks!!!
These dresses are made out of paper!!
All I can say is AMAZING!!!!!

Here is my girl Sandra...Love her!
We have been through a few things together, never a dull moment "LOL"...holding on tight to a blossoming business of styling & staging....fab plans after the New Year!
Cheers to you my friend!

This precious little boy statue in our window.

Here we are the Glam Girls!
Vignettes or Bust!
FAB....decorated TOP HATS!
Sandra, Lori ( The Owner of vignettes) Sweet Joy - The Vintage Rabbit,
and me.

You know what they say in TEXAS....."Don't MESS with Texas"
We say "Don't Mess with an ITALIAN"! lol
Some of my loyal Glamarella Gal's!
Lucy- My Paris Flea market Sandra & Sheri
( That one is for you Lucy lol)

Here are some photos of our displays

Glam Gals here we come!!!


Winter White Dreams!

These crowns were sent to me from the Fabulous Miss Emilie!
She is amazing too!!!!
We love mixing our touch of Modern with One Of A Kind
French Vintage!
Yes a.. Disco Ball!

White feather tress!

Fresh white tattered Flowers!

Hope you enjoy this time of the year......Cherish great friends!!! Stay TRUE to yourself !

Chat soon!



Lori said...

I LOVE that group shot of the 4 of us! And, of course, Miss Lucy is - the true Queen of the Salon!
And your merchandise shots are so
G O R G E O U S !!
All I can say is - I am so thrilled & so honored to have you & Sandra aboard & here's to much fun, success & lots of creative abandon. You 2 are the BEST.
Look out 2011!~!~!~!~!

The Vintage Rabbit said...

What Truly a Glamorous time!!!
It was so much fun to all be together again!!! What an amazing group there is At Vignettes!!!

Can't wait to see what you and Sandra come up with next!!

Love ya girlie!!


chateau de fleurs said...

You guys are so over the top talented, the displays and vignettes are amazing! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, XO Christie

Anonymous said...
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sandra said...

Hey Girl,
I am so honored to be sharing this experience with you. You have taught me so much about keeping the negative OUT and letting the positive SHINE through!! Cheers to us and our new adventures.
Love you,