Sunday, February 27, 2011

Glamorous Grey

Love the color of Grey in not only Fashion but it has taken over the tones of my home!
It has such sophistication , elegance & calmness.
I love the modern edge it gives to worn weathered furnishings.
Layers of chains, vintage glass beads, just Fringe Fabulous!
Just listed on
Love old urns, perfect grey cabinet!

White linen drapes perfect with grey neutral tones

I have been collecting old gold tone frames & mirrors, the contrast with grey is beautiful!

Touch of fashion!

White, grey & a Fab. chandelier!
For the past year I have really been cleaning out...keeping what I really love,
letting those pieces make a statement in my home.



deborah said...

Beautiful work!
{the white chair}

Bohemian said...

I'm loving all your beautiful Greys... it is a most calming and elegant color palette.

Dawn... The Bohemian

EFT Manual said...

I'm also in love with grey tones and hues. It looks sophisticated and elegant for me.

Anxiety Cures said...

I adore and love neutral colors such as gray, black and white. They just look chic and elegant!

Roberta said...

I can't get enough of gray either! The gray polka dot blouse is to die for! Love your blog. A perfect mix of fashion and decor. Bravo!

Kait said...

I LOVE the kitchen!!! Greys are amazing on just about everything!! :)