Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gypsy Girls wandering around.....

Here we are...Gypsy Girls! Me...Lucy & Sandra..Where ever we wander we have a blast.....No beat'n around the bush here missy.....Inspired by each others creativity & experiance ('Experiance.. That's for you Lucy) we had so much fun this past weekend...seeing customers we havent seen for a few months...We now have you on our mailing list..yeah!!
We have met such amazing people & we are looking forward to going on this New Journey ....Positive energy....supporting each other & most of all appreiciate each other as "Girl friends"
Here is a collage I put together of where we were...Vignettes
Lori the owner put on this "Paris Showcase" I always wondered where she finds everything she needs for a her theme parties?
We were so happy & honored to be part of this "Soiree"
We had 2 White tents full of
Fabulous French Decor
Here is a couple photos....It was packed so I tried to do my best!

Beautiful Friends.....
Cheryl, Kim, me, Christie, Kay Ellen and Joy
It was great to reconnect & laugh...where's Rita? Oh.... she was taking the photo....
( It was great to chat my "pisano" friend)
Our space under the tents.... (Right behind the Champagne convienent)

My new BFF lol ..Cyndi.. Claudia was on hand to sign her book
Theeeeee most gracious person to nice & warm hearted....I love the fact when you meet someone famous....their so happy to meet you.....What???
Us gals have some ideas ahead..together. My friend Sandra...Talented ORIGINAL...her creativity amazes me!

Cyndi & I ...So Sweet ...Joy chatted with her a few months back & said
"You look like a Glamarella Type Girl" you need to meet Sherry....
Sure enough we connected on Facebook and here we are....
Cool stuff ahead ...She is a fashion designer..."Old Hollywood Glam"
It's in her genes.. "Liberaci" family to be exact...

Here is Joy's space at Vignettes
Me...Joy & Lori the owner
Thank-you have always been so welcoming....Good things happen to ones that give back....Bravo to you!

Sandra's Cool industrial jewelsHere is one of my necklaces...
Several layers with a rhinestone Vintage Crown

Our Space!

Tons of jewels......Sold most of them.....
Will make more!

Authentic France Decor!

Our Space........
My Vintage Slips
French aqaurium
We had fresh flowers all over...
Yummy... French Lavender soaps.
The fragrance was so nice.....we were outside under the ocean breezes
The weather was perfect!

New Tee's & Tanks
"Wanderlust Gypsy"

Can't wait for another Vignettes PARTEE!!!
Plans are in the works!!!!
Check side-bar where we will be next!

Chat soon, Sherry


sf said...

Great photos of this fabulous event. More adventures to come.....

Lori said...

Oh Sweet Sherry,
What an amazing group of talent that was under that white tent! It was quite something to behold! Took everyone's breath away~!
You are, sweet friend, the MOST
fabulous designer & gorgeous too, inside & out.
Here's to many more partees together!

Curtains in My Tree said...


Wish I lived closer to the great state of California. I would be by to see all your great things.
Love that slip dress. You can really pull it off.